Don Kreuter


Fullerton, CA


Don Kreuter a native of Southern California spent his youth: surfing, diving, camping, backpacking and hiking in the deserts and the High Sierra in Boy Scouts and with the Sierra Club.

While attending El Camino College, Torrance, California Don learned to Scuba dive at Catalina Island, received an AA degree in Zoology, became a PADI Open Water Scuba instructor. Then Don moved to the Caribbean and worked as: a divemaster, taught Scuba diving lessons, captained boats and created photographs above and below water. Don's career evolved to working as a United States Coast Guard captain, yacht charter captain in the US and British Virgin Islands, PADI Underwater Photography Instructor and a Photo Pro at Rum Cay, Bahamas and professional freelance photographer and photojournalist on St. John, US Virgin Islands.

Photography became Donís ultimate passion creating landscape, marine, nature and wildlife photographs above and below water.

Returning to California Don captained boats for Island Packers from Ventura, California, volunteered as a naturalist for the Channel Islands National Park, photographed the amazing wildlife, marine mammals and scenery in the Channel Islands and the Santa Barbara Channel, California.

Don traveled to the Eastern Sierra (where he took his first photographs) to photograph the landscapes, nature and wildlife on the John Muir Trail while backpacking from Mammoth Lakes to Yosemite, California.

Don Kreuter creates photographs to share his adventures and vision with his family, friends and clients.

Don donates a percentage of his income every month to environmental charities - to preserve and protect: the oceans, habitats, wilderness, nature and wildlife.

Don Kreuter hopes by sharing his photographs and stories - to make a difference in educating people about the importance of protecting the beautiful wild places and our planet that he loves!


Tidy Tips and Honey Bee by Don Kreuter


Tidy Tips by Don Kreuter


California Poppy Bouquet by Don Kreuter


California Poppies and Clouds by Don Kreuter


California Poppy Quartet by Don Kreuter


Mallard Duck Pair by Don Kreuter


California Encelia by Don Kreuter


Beach Waves and Wildflowers by Don Kreuter


Sticky Monkey Flower by Don Kreuter


Beach Beachcombers and Wildflowers by Don Kreuter


Beach Reef Point Wildflowers by Don Kreuter


Thousand Islands Lake - Glacier - Mount Davis JMT by Don Kreuter


Shadow Creek - Mount Ritter and Reflections by Don Kreuter


Emerald Lake from JMT by Don Kreuter


Emerald Lake Island Mountains by Don Kreuter


Garnet Lake Outlet Stream by Don Kreuter


Island Pass Lake by Don Kreuter


Mount Ritter and Meadow by Don Kreuter


Mount Ritter Shadow Creek and Granite Rocks by Don Kreuter


Garnet Lake Island Fall Color by Don Kreuter


Garnet Lake Fall Color by Don Kreuter


Twin Lakes and Ducks Feeding by Don Kreuter


Club Med Sailing into Sunset by Don Kreuter


Sunset over Great Cruz Bay by Don Kreuter


Garnet Lake and Banner Peak by Don Kreuter


Saguaro Cactus and Sunset by Don Kreuter


Don Kreuter and Truck in Dry Wash by Don Kreuter


Desert Canyon Wildflower Bloom by Don Kreuter


California Poppy Trio by Don Kreuter


Colossal California Wildflowers by Don Kreuter


Thorny Beauty by Don Kreuter


Northern Elephant Seal Cow and Pup at Sunset by Don Kreuter


Newborn Northern Elephant Seal Pup by Don Kreuter


Morning Glories by Don Kreuter


Anacapa Lighthouse and Western Gulls by Don Kreuter


Indian Paintbrush and Sea Dahlia Blooming by Don Kreuter


Spring Creek by Don Kreuter


Brown Pelican Trio by Don Kreuter


Anacapa Lighthouse and Sunrise by Don Kreuter


Dolphin Surfing Fantasy by Don Kreuter


Lake Lago and Sunset by Don Kreuter


Sleeping Princess Parrotfish in Cocoon by Don Kreuter


Caribbean Reef Squid at Night by Don Kreuter


Smiling Smooth Trunkfish by Don Kreuter


Orange Cup Coral and Sponges by Don Kreuter


Anchored Ketch and Sunset over Caribbean by Don Kreuter


Caribbean Interlude by Don Kreuter


Tranquility by Don Kreuter