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Dolphin Surfing Fantasy

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Dolphin Surfing Fantasy

"Human and Dolphin Intelligence the Value of Family and Friends"

"Human scientists and biologists respect the intelligence of dolphins as one of the smartest animals, but have always considered them less intelligent than humans. 

Common Dolphins spend the majority of their lives playing, communicating with each other and making love with only a small percentage of time devoted to searching for food and eating. The reason is they live in a pod (group) of family and friends their entire lives and use teamwork to make life so much easier for all.

Common dolphins always made time to swim over to the boats when we sailed by, to play and surf the bow and stern wakes. Common Dolphins even stopped eating just to play with the boats and make us smile and laugh. 

 Every time we sailed though the pods of Common Dolphins people on the boats would yell and scream in ecstasy, especially the children.

As a captain on luxury yachts, charter boats and sailboats it was my job to entertain people who did not understand or know how to play and have fun. 

 I have always wondered when dolphins swam up to the boats playing, breaching, jumping and splashing with eternal smiles to entertain and delight us, what they thought about humans and our intelligence."

Don Kreuter

Make time to "Celebrate Life and share the beauty of nature and wildlife every day with Family and Friends!"

"Dolphin Surfing Fantasy"
Common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis) surfing a boat wake, sending up spray on the shimmering
Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara Channel, California 00-419-DYM